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Where are the best free places to post my business videos?

Your website: Posting a high-quality video on your homepage and landing pages is an effective way to capture more leads, conversions, and purchases.

YouTube: YouTube is a great platform for businesses to post free videos. If you keep your video to less than 60 seconds, there’s a high probability that YouTube may promote it in its #shorts feed.

LinkedIn: An excellent tool for B2B companies especially, LinkedIn lets businesses utilize company pages on the website to share video content targeted towards other organizations looking to partner up, strengthening relationships amongst them mutually in the process.

Facebook: With billions of users worldwide, Facebook is an ideal channel for promoting your business’s video content. By leveraging the power of viral shares and native video player integration, you can reach out to potential customers in a unique way that resonates with them on an emotional level.

Instagram: Instagram allows brands to post visuals that are both attractive and informative at the same time thanks to its image-heavy design format which works wonderfully well for small businesses looking to promote products or services through couplets and captions using high-quality visuals accompanied by entertaining messages or stories related to the company’s offerings or user experiences with it. Allowing further exposure than just using classic text methods alone would have achieved.

Twitter: Twitter provides brands with an optimal platform for disseminating information quickly while maintaining direct contact with consumers without having them leave the main website stream page, by simply creating short videos centered around conversational topics like customer reviews about experiences working with your brand.

Snapchat: With its massive user base and interactive capabilities, Snapchat is a great platform for businesses to post videos that engage with their customers instantly in an entertaining animation-like format. Perfect for short snippets or an introduction video.

Vimeo: If your primary goal of producing high-quality videos is simply showcasing your organization’s capability and craftsmanship via unique works of art, look no further than Vimeo which centers around making professional quality submittals possible. Ideal when seeking more premium exposure amidst savvy audiences who care about what they’re watching from top-notch production value which makes all difference when investing heavily into obtaining viewership attention span.

Reddit: For its target-specific ‘subreddits’, businesses can make use of this platform to post videos and further participate in answering content or product-related questions which not only help direct customers toward their outlets through postings but build a sense of trust towards the brand name & product over time.

Where can I use my AI-generated videos as ads?

Examples of where to use your video:

YouTube: Leverage the second-largest search engine in the world to reach your target audience through videos.

Video Press Releases (VPR): Improve visibility for announcements by distributing content across multiple news outlets that allows embedded videos along with the press release itself; which offer real value while boosting SEO rankings at the same time.

Social Media Native Advertising: Use native video ads in display locations that match users’ interests related to products and services you provide, thus enabling viewers to watch them seamlessly among other online content without feeling influenced heavily about buying something specific).

News Outlets & Blog Sites: Highlight viral newsworthy topics related to industry standards directly correlated with relevance towards clients which can include custom-created youtube channels featuring branded entertainment. Advertisements can be displayed between videos.

TV Commercials: Use thought-provoking visuals paired with conservative text such as 30-second frames tailored around capturing desired demographic audiences.

Online Marketplaces: Take benefit from larger selling portals eBay and Craigslist having listings supported partially through brief brand introduction materials containing auto-play audiovisuals.

Other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How long does it take to get my custom AI video created and sent to me after I have submitted it?
A: Turnaround for video creation is maximum 24 hours. But typically between 2-4 hrs.

Q: Can I see the video before paying?
A: No. Payment is required before we use the API to generate your video, so we cannot offer a draft for preview. However, there are many examples of the characters in motion and speaking, so you already have a great preview of each of them.

Q: Can I make the avatar say whatever I want?
A: Yes. But always within a business context. Prorevgro Inc. maintains the right to determine what we will produce. Examples of unacceptable speech are similar to other social media platforms.

This means that we prohibit language that dehumanizes others on the basis of religion, caste, age, disability, disease, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, political views or sexual orientation. 

Keep it clean and there will be no problem.

Q: Is this for business use only?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I change the video after it has been created?
A: No. We are not able to edit. We would need to resubmit a script and charge full price. That’s why it’s REALLY important to make sure your script is just the way you want it before submitting it.

Q: What if I don’t like it? Can I get a refund?
A: No refunds are offered unless there is a defect in the end result.

If this is the case, contact us and we will make it right.

Q: Where can I use the video?
A: You are free to use the video wherever you wish. We have included some suggestions in the sections above the FAQs.

Q: Do I have to pay royalties or other fees?
A: No. You own full rights to publish as you wish, royalty-free.

Q: Can I have an exclusive and unique character built for me?
A: Yes. Contact us to discuss your needs and pricing.

Q: Can I have a video longer than 60 seconds?
A: Yes. Contact us to discuss your needs and pricing.

Q: Can I choose a different voice?
A: Yes. Contact us to discuss your needs and pricing.

Q: Can you use an avatar image that I provide?
A: Yes. Contact us to discuss your needs and pricing.

Q: Can you use a voice that I provide?
A: Yes. Contact us to discuss your needs and pricing.