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My name is Michael Antinozzi, founder of Prorevgro.

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You likely clicked on this page to learn who’s behind Prorevgro and what we can do to help you grow your business.

So here’s a little bit about us…

I love to roam…and my wife and I have passed that travel bug on to our 3 kids (they are all married and currently reside in PEI, Alberta and Mexico, respectively) 🙂

We have lived and worked in Montreal, Toronto, Windsor/Detroit, Dallas, NYC, Raleigh and currently Ottawa.

This has provided and wide variety of experiences and a keen understanding of what it’s like to live in both the US and Canada.

My career is marked by a series of standout achievements, from transforming marketing strategies to securing multi-million dollar deals, and pioneering in the tech sector. I excel in converting challenges into successes and guiding businesses to leadership positions.

In my marketing journey, I’ve had some great moments. Boosting BeSafe.net web traffic? That was all about smart demand generation. Getting RapidWebLaunch.com on Google’s first page in search results for highly competitive keywords like “fast web design” and “affordable website design” was a deep dive into SEO. And FreshGear.com? There, I focused on ramping up millions in online sales revenue through effective digital marketing. Each project was about finding the right strategy for real results.

In sales, I’ve hit some major milestones. Like the time I drove $10 million in sales for Infusion in NYC – a real highlight. At Xerox and Sun Microsystems, I played crucial roles, blending innovation with proven sales strategies. These experiences weren’t just about numbers; they were about crafting unique solutions and forging lasting client relationships. My sales journey is about impact, growth, and creating success stories.

In business development, I’ve made real waves. At SOTI and Infusion, I spearheaded growth, opened new markets, and built lasting partnerships. It was more than expanding businesses; it was about innovative strategies and entering uncharted territories. I’ve always been driven by the thrill of turning potential into prosperity and businesses into benchmarks in their fields. This part of my career is about vision, execution, and leading change.

In the tech realm, I’ve made significant strides. Holding patents is a testament to my innovative spirit in technology. My journey is also about never stopping learning. With training and certifications from giants like Xerox and Sun Microsystems, I’ve constantly evolved, staying ahead in the fast-paced tech world. This blend of innovation and continuous professional development is the cornerstone of my approach, driving tech-forward solutions and staying at the forefront of industry advancements.

Today, I focus on demand generation through growth marketing in B2B and B2C leveraging AI, automation and cutting edge SEO principles.

I’ve driven over $300 million in revenue for my clients and employers.

Let’s grow your business together!