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B2B or B2C, tap into sales and marketing principles that drove $300M for the world's biggest brands.

Leverage proven growth methodologies and innovative tools

  • Marketing Productivity Acceleration (A.I. and Automation)
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  •  Programmatic SEO

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Marketing Strategy

👉 Creating brand narratives, and compelling value propositions to attract qualified leads that consistently produce revenue.

Demand Generation

👉 Growth marketing with SEO-optimized organic content creation and distribution that drives massive traffic to your website.

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Leverage award-winning strategies that have generated over $300 million in revenue.

Testimonials from Top Business Professionals

“Integrity is what Michael Antinozzi has – along with the drive to succeed, the courage to do what he says he will do, and maybe most important to adding velocity to company earnings – the ability to monetize his actions. I recommend Michael for any environment that needs Sales, Sales Management, Business Insight, and ethical leadership!”

rich lawrence headshot

Richard Lawrence

VP of Special Markets, Helen of Troy (USA)

“Michael understands the business of delivering quality services and sticks to a high set of principles. He possesses exceptional motivational skills, leads by example, and most importantly, makes it fun to work together. I sincerely hope to get the chance to work with Michael again”

basil bahoshy headshot

Basil Bahoshy

Group CIO (UAE)

“Michael is committed to quality results in all he does. He is technically proficient, has great people skills, and believes in helping his staff develop sound business acumen to ensure customer satisfaction. I have worked with Michael in several capacities and would be hard-pressed to find a more passionate and honest business leader.”

danny young headshot

Danny Young

Business Development Consultant, Xerox (Canada)

I have something to confess.

As a business owner, I used to HATE marketing!

Thought it:
➡️ Lacked any sense of accountability.
➡️ Was all about pretty pictures and color palettes.
➡️ Was a waste of money.

Then in 2005, someone showed me just how WRONG I was!

Showed me how to grow my first startup largely through digital marketing.
✅ The company took off!
✅ Earned millions in revenue.
✅ Customers include federal agencies, pro sports teams, universities, and F100 companies.
✅ Still earning income through brand licensing 18 years later…

Now, I was hooked. 😊

With a voracious appetite, I dug in and learned EVERYTHING I could.

Co-founded my 1st marketing agency focused on local SMBs.
Exited after 2 years of growth.
It’s still going strong 13 years later…

Founded a website design agency for SMBs.
Exited after 3 years of growth.
It’s still going strong 10 years later…

Then I got hired by a Manhattan firm that focused on digital marketing and creative for Fortune 500 clients.

Sold and delivered millions of dollars in service revenue.

I analyzed what companies with multi-million dollar marketing budgets did versus small and mid-sized businesses.

Biggest thing I learned?

Successful marketing principles are effective for ANY size company.

The trick is to find ways for SMBs to put those principles into action with a tiny fraction of the big budgets the F500 get to toss around.

That’s why I founded PROREVGRO Marketing Agency in 2018.
(Startup 4 if anyone’s counting…)

I’ve made it my mission to help them do exactly that.

Business owners and leaders: I’ve walked many miles in your shoes.

I have felt both:
➡️ The pain of trying to grow a business without marketing help.
➡️ The joy of achieving business lift-off when marketing is done right.

Wherever you are within the Marketing Services buying cycle, there is likely some way that I can help you.

Hoping there is an opportunity to work together 👍


Tackling business challenges together as a team is highly exhilarating, but the sense of accomplishment that results from contributing to my client’s profitable and sustainable business growth is the ultimate reward.