Brief Overview:No follow links do not directly impact SEO as they are designed to tell search engines not to pass any authority or ranking value from one page to another. However, there are still benefits to using no follow links in your overall SEO strategy.

No follow links do not directly help with SEO rankings.
1. They don’t pass link juice: No follow links have a rel=”nofollow” attribute that tells search engines not to count the link towards the target website’s authority or rankings.
2. Prevents penalties: Using no follow links can prevent potential penalties from Google for unnatural linking practices or paid placements.
3. Referral traffic: Even though no follow links don’t contribute directly to SEO, they can still drive valuable referral traffic if placed on relevant and high-traffic websites.
4. Brand visibility and credibility: No follow links can help increase brand visibility and credibility by being mentioned on authoritative websites within your industry.
5. Diversify backlink profile: Including a mix of both followed and no-followed backlinks helps create a natural-looking backlink profile, which is beneficial for long-term SEO success.


Q1: Should I completely avoid using nofollow links?
A1: No, it’s important to have a balanced approach in your link building strategy by including both followed and no-followed links.

Q2: Can I use nofollow tags on internal pages?
A2: Yes, you can use the rel=”nofollow” attribute on internal pages as well if you want search engines to ignore certain internal linking structures.

Q3: Do social media platforms use nofollow attributes?
A3: Yes, most social media platforms add the rel=”nofollow” attribute to external URLs shared within their platform.

Q4: Can guest blogging with nofollow links be beneficial?
A4: Yes, guest blogging with relevant content and including a branded mention along with a nofollow link can still drive referral traffic and enhance brand visibility.

Q5: Are nofollow links completely useless for SEO?
A5: While they don’t directly impact rankings, nofollow links can still contribute indirectly by driving referral traffic and improving brand visibility.

Q6: Should I disavow all nofollow links in my backlink profile?
A6: No, there’s generally no need to disavow nofollow links unless you suspect them to be part of a spammy or harmful linking scheme.

Q7: Can using too many nofollow links harm my website’s SEO?
A7: Using an appropriate number of no follow links won’t harm your website’s SEO. However, excessive use of the rel=”nofollow” attribute may raise some red flags with search engines.

No follow links may not directly impact SEO rankings, but they still have their place in an effective digital marketing strategy. They can help drive referral traffic, increase brand visibility, and diversify your backlink profile. If you’re looking for expert guidance on optimizing your SEO strategy and generating demand for your business, reach out to us when you’re ready to talk marketing in your area.