Brief Overview:GoHighLevel is a comprehensive marketing automation platform that offers custom branding options in its appointment scheduling tools. As an authorized reseller of GoHighLevel, we can provide you with the advantages it has over other marketing automation software.

Answer to the question with 5 supporting facts:
1. Custom branding: GoHighLevel allows you to add your own logo, colors, and brand elements to your appointment scheduling tools. This helps create a consistent and professional image for your business.
2. Enhanced user experience: With custom branding, you can tailor the look and feel of your appointment scheduling tools to match your website or overall brand aesthetics. This creates a seamless experience for users and reinforces brand recognition.
3. Increased trust and credibility: By incorporating your own branding into the appointment scheduling process, customers are more likely to trust the system and feel confident in booking appointments with your business.
4. Brand consistency across platforms: GoHighLevel’s custom branding feature ensures that all touchpoints with customers maintain a consistent brand identity – from social media ads to email campaigns and now even in appointment scheduling.
5. Competitive advantage: Stand out from competitors by offering a personalized experience through branded appointment scheduling tools. It sets you apart as a professional organization that pays attention to detail.


1. Can I customize my appointment booking page?
Yes, GoHighLevel provides customization options where you can add logos, colors, images, and other visual elements that align with your brand identity.

2. Will my clients see my branding when they book appointments?
Absolutely! Your clients will be greeted by your customized design on the booking page which enhances their overall experience.

3. Can I change my branding later if needed?
Yes, you have full control over updating or changing your custom branding at any time within the GoHighLevel platform.

4.Can I integrate third-party calendars into my branded scheduler?
Yes! You can seamlessly integrate popular calendar applications like Google Calendar, Outlook, and more with GoHighLevel’s appointment scheduling tools.

5. Is there a limit to the number of appointments I can schedule?
GoHighLevel offers flexible plans that cater to businesses of all sizes. You can scale your appointment scheduling needs as your business grows without any limitations.

6. Can I track customer appointments and manage them within the platform?
Yes, GoHighLevel provides robust features for managing appointments, including tracking customer details, sending reminders, and easily rescheduling or canceling bookings.

7. Are there any additional costs for custom branding in appointment scheduling tools?
No, custom branding is included in the GoHighLevel package at no extra cost. It’s part of their commitment to providing a comprehensive marketing automation solution.

If you’re ready to take your marketing automation efforts to the next level with custom branded appointment scheduling tools, reach out to us today! As an authorized reseller of GoHighLevel marketing automation software, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

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