AI-Powered Marketing Is Here: Let’s Chat GPT

Success in marketing increasingly relies on technology.

It’s been that way since Gutenberg.

Hence, the need to constantly evaluate the steady stream of innovation that emerges in the field to identify the most promising approaches and stay ahead of the curve.

Time spent exploring the new breed of AI-powered marketing tools is an investment worth making.

While some may be wary of exploring these technologies, holding back can mean being left in the dust of those who take advantage of this powerful toolset.

Why Small Businesses Will Love AI Marketing

I started offering CMS-driven web templates to my business affiliate network in 2009.

When they bought our sanitizing machine and became part of our affiliate network, they could subscribe to our web page design and hosting service.

This enabled these small businesses to leverage an existing web page template published online with location-specific data customized for them.

They then had the ability to make minor adjustments to text and images on their own.

No need to try and chase down a web designer who had since moved on to the next high-priced website design project.

The value proposition was very compelling to small business owners:

  • They didn’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a web designer for a simple web page.
  • They didn’t have to spend weeks of back and forth communication to finally have the page completed.
  • They didn’t have to spend a bunch of time learning how to DIY their own website.
  • They didn’t need to learn about website backups, security or performance issues.

It was a modest web page, delivered in hours and at a very low price.


Marketing Technology Drives Small Business Advancement

This beneficial business service was driven by one significant development.

Web design technology tools had made the leap from barely usable and downright laughable results, to “wait a second, this is actually not bad” results.

Technology has only improved since then.

Today, tools like Weebly, Wix, Square, Carrd, WordPress/Elementor have become the de facto standard for web design and development.

There are still some big name, industrial-strength websites being developed for high-end niche sites.

But for most of us, CMS developed and maintained sites are just great.

AI-powered marketing is at that point in history right now.

AI has Entered the Fray

AI marketing tools have just made the leap from laughable to usable.

There will be people who deny it, resist it and ridicule it.

There always is and always will be.

But that is no reason not to sit up and take notice of the capabilities of tools like Jasper, chatGPT, Dall-E, and Stable Diffusion.

The time is right to invest resources in exploring the capabilities of this new wave of marketing technology.

Because it is incredibly useful right now.

And will only be getting better in the near future.

Far faster than the time it took for web development technology to mature.

This one is going to catch a lot of people by surprise.

You owe it to yourself and your organization to ensure you are not one of them.

Exploring the capabilities of AI-powered marketing technology is essential to business success in this rapidly changing marketplace.

When everything around you is moving quickly, it’s easy for the one standing still to be left behind.

The good news is, access to these tools has never been easier.

Investing in these powerful new technologies now can significantly increase the likelihood of your future success.

Don’t wait.

Get started today on realizing the immense potential of AI-driven marketing.