Demand generation consulting for growth hungry companies

Reach a 10x bigger audience with powerful social media brand strategies.

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Leverage the B2B sales and marketing strategies that drove $300M working with the world's biggest brands.

Leveraging proven growth methodologies and innovative tools:

  • Intensified Branding Campaigns
  • Marketing Productivity Acceleration (A.I. and Automation)
  • Organic Content Marketing
  • Strategic Video Marketing (YouTube)
  • Hyper Targeted ABM (Account-Based Marketing via LinkedIn Advertising)

3 Ways I Can Help With Your Marketing and Sales:

Marketing & Sales Advisor

Sharing the lessons I wish someone shared with me. Based on 25+ years of sales and marketing success and leveraging the awesome power of AI and Automation.

Sharing Daily

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Automated Marketing

Simply enter your URL and receive an incredible treasure trove of marketing plans and strategies customized to your company, customers, and marketplace. 100% FREE.

Leverage award-winning strategies that have generated over $300 million in revenue.

Trusted by some of the world's biggest brands

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“Integrity is what Michael Antinozzi has – along with the drive to succeed, the courage to do what he says he will do, and maybe most important to adding velocity to company earnings – the ability to monetize his actions. I recommend Michael for any environment that needs Sales, Sales Management, Business Insight, and ethical leadership!”

rich lawrence headshot

Richard Lawrence

VP of Special Markets, Helen of Troy (USA)

“Michael understands the business of delivering quality services and sticks to a high set of principles. He possesses exceptional motivational skills, leads by example, and most importantly, makes it fun to work together. I sincerely hope to get the chance to work with Michael again”

basil bahoshy headshot

Basil Bahoshy

Group CIO (UAE)

“Michael is committed to quality results in all he does. He is technically proficient, has great people skills, and believes in helping his staff develop sound business acumen to ensure customer satisfaction. I have worked with Michael in several capacities and would be hard-pressed to find a more passionate and honest business leader.”

danny young headshot

Danny Young

Business Development Consultant, Xerox (Canada)

Relentless Focus on Client Success

I specialize in helping companies crack the code and take their revenue attainment to the next level by applying proven growth marketing principles and powerful demand generation solutions.

These strategies have been cultivated from many years of experience launching and growing profitable businesses while delivering multi-million dollar technology solutions and consulting services to startups, mid-tier, and Fortune 500 companies.
I’m fortunate to have worked for and received extensive training from top technology solutions and professional services companies and have helped some of the world’s biggest brands solve complex business problems and grow their revenue.

Things That Fuel Me:

  • Building Trust with Clients
  • Selling with Integrity  
  • Establishing Powerful B2B Marketing Frameworks
  • Expanding Brand Visibility
  • Cracking the Code to Grow a Business
  • Profitable Revenue Growth

The Challenge

Ask any business leader and they will tell you that sales and marketing is tough.

With the additional complexities of the B2B marketplace:

  • how to identify key buyers, influencers and stakeholders
  • how to reach them with compelling branding that will build trust and draw them to your business
  • how to keep them from going to larger competitors

…and it gets even tougher!

Business owners and executives know they need strategic planning around sales processes and marketing programs but candidly admit that it’s their least favorite area of focus and they feel out of their zone of excellence.

Many continue to focus on “running the business” and hope that great products and efficient business operations alone will grow the business. It almost never does.

Significant revenue is lost and valuable time, money and resources are wasted.


Busy executives, business owners and startup founders are looking for help from someone they can trust. Someone with a track record of repeated success with innovative B2B sales and marketing strategies.

Someone who has walked a mile in their shoes.


Tackling business challenges together as a team is highly exhilarating, but the sense of accomplishment that results from contributing to my client’s profitable and sustainable business growth is the ultimate reward.